Urban regenerator

Rockwell has the vision to be a leading “urban regenerator” in our chosen markets of Christchurch, Auckland, and other parts of New Zealand, developing inspiring and sustainable projects that we and our customers demand.


A passion for detail, a passion for being the best, a passion for doing it right and a passion for empowering people to excel is the driver in everything we do.


Rockwell continually innovates and adapts its approach in order to create the best design solutions which add value to the communities we serve, and to our customers.

Creating a ‘sense of place’

As an urban regenerator, Rockwell’s vision is always to create modern mixed-use communities where people can live, work and play.

‘Rock’ solid quality

The quality and the differentiation of Rockwell’s product is key to our success and quality is inherent in everything we do, from planning to construction to delivery. Every detail is designed with the aspirations of our customers in mind.